Breast Augmentation

stock31Do you envy women with large, firm breasts? Do you wish you had more cleavage when you wear lower-cut tops? Do you dream of a breast lift after children, a breast reduction, or nipple reduction?

We can help. Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can help you get the breasts you’ve always wanted or get back what you’ve lost through child birth.
You can rely on our vast experience and artistic eye and sense of balance and proportion to make sure you get the look you desire. We offer three options for breast augmentation:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • “Awake” natural breast augmentation

FDA-approved in 2000, saline implants are the most frequently used in the U.S. One of the major benefits is that you can choose a size, see it on yourself and then choose to go bigger/smaller if desired. We fill the implant with a sterile saline solution at the time of your procedure.

On the rare chance that one of the implants should rupture, your body will absorb the saline, much like drinking a glass of water.

Silicone implants were re-approved by the FDA in 2006 with today’s fortified models offering you advanced technology and safety features. The implants come pre-filled, so you must choose the size you wish to have ahead of time.

Use your consultation to discuss your wishes (and dreams!) with us. After discussing the information, we will advise which breast augmentation procedure is the perfect fit for you. All are performed with local anesthesia, meaning less cost and recovery time. If you prefer, talk to our Surgeons about FAT TRANSFER to the breast. This can be an option is you have enough fat in your buttocks or tummy to harvest and transplant to your breasts.