Face Lift

Tired of Sagging jowls, Turkey neck, or wrinkled neck?  If yes is the answer, then you are probably a candidate for a lower face and neck lift.  This procedure does not require general anesthesia, it can be done with local very comfortably.  You are able to return to work quickly and it can be done in conjunction with other small procedures such as lip augmentation or eye lift.

  • Results can be dramatic – taking years off your appearance
  • Safe, long lasting and very affordable
  •  Procedure is done comfortably under local anesthesia – no general anesthesia required.

Return to work quickly –  no one needs  to know !  They will just think you look great!

When to consider a facelift:


  • When you feel your appearance does not reflect your energy level and personality.
  • You look in the mirror and realize age, stress, work, and life have taken their toll on your appearance.
  • Your skin still has good elasticity.
  • You are aware of your sagging skin and wrinkles getting in the way of your social and work life.  You no longer feel good about yourself.

This procedure can be life changing!  Contact one of our surgeons today for a complimentary consultation.  pricing is affordable and CARE CREDIT is accepted.