Ultrasonic Facials

The Ultrasonic Facial is a complete facial using ultrasound technology. We begin by removing a portion of the outer layer of skin which is continuously shed. This step gently removes the dead surface skin cells and deep cleans out follicles without the irritation and inflammation that is sometimes associated with other methods. We then create pathways through the layers of the skin to increase the penetration of treatment products. The treatment is specific to the results which are sought and can be customized to treat rosacea, acne, fine lines, discoloration and signs of aging.  The third step of the Dermasound treatment uses microcurrent therapy. Our cells have a natural electrical charge that can be damaged by the sun, the environment, and the process of aging. Microcurrent therapy.  We finally work to promote healing and to restore the cell’s normal functioning as well as stimulate the production of collagen, one of the most important support structures of the skin.